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weddings at Marriott Hotels & Suites Eventi

Real Weddings

AT OUR Washington VENUE

Washington Wedding Magic

Take a look at what makes a wedding at Marriott Hotels & Suites so. From suites for pre-wedding prepping to riverside first looks, our Washington wedding venue has made for the ideal elegant wedding destination for couples to say “I do”.

David + Hunter

Brunch with mutual friends in West Palm Beach led to the love of a lifetime for David and Hunter, who are now happily married and living in Delray Beach. When asked about choosing Marriott Hotels & Suites as their site, the couple replies enthusiastically, “Location, location, location!”

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weddings at Marriott Hotels & Suites Eventi

Julia + Adrian

Both born and raised in Washington, Julia and Adrian vowed to spend the rest of their lives together in their hometown in front of all their family and friends. When asked why they chose, they exclaim, “Have you seen it? We fell in love with the as soon as we walked in. We always dreamed of an elegant, black-tie wedding, and the met every criterion for our wedding we could’ve imagined.”

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weddings at Marriott Hotels & Suites Eventi

Emily + Aleck

This connection has deep roots: A story going as far back as third grade for these two Washington locals. Always called by the water, they chose for location and the most welcoming staff. Here is their love story.

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Wedding in our Metropolis ballroom with a live band and the bride and groom in the center of the dance floor